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Our strengths

Cuverie - Maitrise totale

Total control

Our laboratory oversees the entire process, from reception of the wine to bottling, guaranteeing impeccable quality.

TDV Contrôle Permanent

Permanent control

We take great care to ensure the accuracy of all our instruments used to monitor and control wine. Each instrument undergoes metrological checks, including calibrations and verifications that comply with current standards.

TDV Cuverie - Mesures ultra-fiables

Ultra-reliable measurements

Our near-infrared technology makes it easy to carry out standard analyses, covering physico-chemical parameters as well as assessing product stability (both protein and tartaric), filterability tests, dissolved oxygen measurement and microbiological analysis.

and preparation
of wines

Each wine entrusted to us benefits from special attention and top-of-the-range equipment.

We provide tailor-made technical itineraries, adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers, regardless of where they come from or the length of their stay.

As a specialist in wine services, Terre de Vignerons has an entirely stainless steel vat room, equipped with a nitrogen inerting system and/or a nitrogen CO2 mixture to prevent any oxidation of the wine.

Preparation process

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We offer a wide range of bottling services, tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

Bottling process

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preparation process

Our bottling capacity is spread over a total of 5 bottling lines, one of which is bag-in-box.

Since mid-2022, a line specially dedicated to 25 cl to 1.5 L formats has been installed. This new line, equipped with an isobarometric filler, is associated with a membrane contactor that offers the possibility of gasifying the wines in line or reducing their dissolved oxygen content.

In addition, it has an adaptable capping turret that can handle a variety of closures, including screw caps and snap caps, glass stoppers, corks with heads and crown corks.

By the end of 2024, we also plan to be able to offer closure options with muzzled closures accompanied by caps.


Since 1965, Terre de Vignerons has been committed to providing a quality logistics service, looking after every wine entrusted to us. Our teams manage reception, storage, preparation and dispatch, to ensure control and quality.

key figures

finished products

10 000 m²

pull and loop storage

9 000 m²

rack storage

8 000 m²

bulk storage

57 000 m³

Our solutions

for every

Our team of oenologists will advise you according to your needs and specifications.