Our commitments

At Terre de Vignerons, we're not content to simply maintain our roles as pioneers in the wine industry; we're continually raising the bar, seeking to unite tradition and innovation in every bottle we produce.

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An unwavering
commitment to
quality and safety

For more than a decade, we have devoted our quest to mastering quality and food safety. Our management model, which undergoes annual scrutiny by external bodies, has had certifications such as ISO 9001, IFS Food, BRC Food, Agriculture Biologique and Terra Vitis renewed, testifying to our ongoing commitment.

We are proud of our wines, both still and sparkling, meeting and exceeding the most stringent French and international standards. We attribute this success not only to our rigorous production practices and state-of-the-art technology, but also to our dedicated and continuously trained team.

With a core team of food safety experts and a team of internal auditors, all volunteers and passionately committed, we are constantly improving and evolving our practices, affirming our position not only as wine producers, but also as trusted custodians, guaranteeing safety and excellence at every stage of the process.


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Our fondamental

  • Guaranteeing
    the quality of our products

    and ensure the satisfaction of our customers

  • Mastering
    food hygiene

    of our products through our certifications

  • Satisfying
    our customers

    through our rigorous standards and repeated care

  • Respecting food safety

    and cleanliness thanks to the rigour of our teams

  • Reliable delivery

    and almost perfect with every order

  • Adapting to standards

    in line with regulatory developments

  • Protecting the consumer

    and ensure their food safety

  • Being responsive and listening

    of our customers and consumers

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