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More than
80 years of history

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About us

About us

Terre de Vignerons is a production and marketing union of 12 wine-making cooperatives in the Entre-deux-Mers (in the Gironde) and the Pays Duraquois (in Lot-et-Garonne).

The main activity of “Terre de Vignerons” is to define, alongside technicians and oenologists from the union’s members, products that are suited to its markets and to bottle as well as package them. The union sells its own brands, production from the winemakers’ estates and retailer brands via its own sales department. For the cooperative members, it also carries out preparation and bottling/packaging of wines for all or part of their production.

These 12 cooperatives represent today :

18 wine-making sites and an average annual production volume of more than 300,000 hl of wine. With two production sites at Saint-Vincent de Pertignas and Landerrouat, the consolidated turnover of Terre de Vignerons totalled 98 million euros in 2016.

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Beyond its business, Terre de Vignerons represents much history, a host of families, many terroirs, a multitude of wines and proudly embodies, on the national and international stage, the cooperative’s values: solidarity, authenticity, performance and togetherness.

Terre de Vignerons (land of the winemakers) is a simple, genuine and evocative name; a tool that reflects and serves the winemakers of our land.


The history of Terre de Vignerons

The history of Terre de Vignerons

Winemaking cooperatives were introduced in the 1930's, as a solution to the economic crisis and a means to ensure the durability of winemaking estates thanks to the pooling of technical and human resources.


Our winemakers drew together to form winemakers’ cooperatives.  In 1960, the cooperatives reached another milestone: the pooling of production resources.


Prodiffu and Union Saint-Vincent came into being as bottlers working for several winemakers’ cooperatives. Prodiffu went a step further by pooling marketing resources.


2012 stood out thanks to another turning point: the pooling of the two above-mentioned sites under the evocative moniker of Terre de Vignerons.


Driven on by the fundamentals of cooperation and with a forward-looking stance, it is through combining our talents that today we are one of the leading French cooperative groups.



Our values

Our values

Terre de Vignerons came into being thanks to the passion for their work and terroirs of men and women in the wine industry.

The winemakers, technicians, oenologists and salespersons are all very attached to their roots, live on the land that they work and participate in local life with their families.

Ours lands, our winemakers 


Much like the people who form our organisation, our objective is to remain uncompromising and genuine. Sincerity allows Terre de Vignerons to make transparent progress with regard to production methods and moments in life, making for more spontaneous communication and more direct relations with consumers.


The world of wine can seem vast and complex. Cooperatives boast veritable know-how on constant quality of the wine. Terre de Vignerons guides and accompanies enjoyment of wine, reassuring consumers about the quality of its products.


By nature, enjoying wine is a hedonistic activity. Terre de Vignerons plays the role of focal point in a community of wine lovers and shares its love of wine with them.


Boldness is a form of conquest, one which we undertake beyond borders by looking, in particular, toward the international stage. The cooperative has set itself the mission to represent a vision of sustainable agriculture and the excellence of French winemakers, in France and throughout the world.


We endeavour to obtain knowledge of the needs and tastes of consumers in order to propose products that are constantly better suited to them. We strive to develop activity that is respectful of the cultural and natural environment. This presents possibilities and is why we wish to become a leader in the sphere of development and product innovation.

Our commitments

Our commitments

The aim of Terre de Vignerons is to promote the work and values of the cooperative, especially by ensuring a decent living for the winemakers as well as by contributing to local development and maintaining the rural fabric. With this in mind, our commitments are :


- To respect the people, the land and the wine produced.


- Fairness and openness, a guarantee of trust.


- Responsibility and anticipation to ensure efficiency.


- Cooperative engagement to promote and sell what we are.


- Efficiency and performance.


Terre de vignerons


Villesèque, 33420 Saint-Vincent de Pertignas, France

Landerrouat Site

17-19 Route des vignerons, 33790 Landerrouat, France

T. +33 (0)5 56 61 33 73

F. +33 (0)5 56 61 40 57

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Site de Landerrouat
17-19 Route des vignerons – 33790 Landerrouat – France

Tel. 00 33 5 56 61 33 73 – Fax 00 33 5 56 61 40 57

Email : contact[at]

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Headquarter of Villesèque
33420 Saint-Vincent de Pertignas - France

Landerrouat Site
17-19 Route des vignerons - 33790 Landerrouat - France

T. +33 (0)5 56 61 33 73
F. +33 (0)5 56 61 40 57


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