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The union and the cooperative cellars


Organisation of the union

Organisation of the union

The cooperative is a people-focused adventure with high stakes, because it enables preservation of business and jobs. Well-organised, it assists decision-making and enables speedy developments and adaptations to the markets, in order to always provide the best response to our customers’ expectations.

As regards our structure, we chose to set up a restricted steering committee but which represents the domains of production, technical affairs, marketing and sales, development, administration and human resources.

Consequently, they are genuinely involved in the running of Terre de Vignerons and give voice to the cooperative cellars’ and winemakers’ viewpoints, which are at the core of our values and ambitions.


This committee, also known as the “Directorate”, regularly reports to the Supervisory Board, comprised mainly by the president’s of the group’s cooperative cellars.


The map of cooperatives

The role of the cooperative cellars

The role of the cooperative cellars

They play a vital role in our chain, because they transform the winemakers’ harvest into wine.

Founded in the 1930’s by the winemakers of the era in order to pool production tools, today it is their grandchildren who continue in their footsteps, still in the spirit of solidarity and cooperation.

Discover the history 

The cellars adapt to technological advances and the tools are of increasingly higher performance to ensure traceability and quality.

The vineyard technicians assist and advise the winemakers in their work with the vines, whilst the oenology technicians create top quality wines in keeping with market expectations and the desires of each cooperative cellar and thus the winemakers.

The 12 cooperative cellars of Terre de Vignerons produce 300 000 hectolitres of wine per year.


The group’s ambitions

The group’s ambitions


- To maintain the existence of the vineyards in the Pays de l’Entre-deux-Mers and Pays Duraquois areas by developing the added value of their wines.


- To be the key player for making wines sold throughout the world.


- To develop and strengthen genuine partnerships based on very demanding traceability and quality policies.


- To regularly innovate in order to constantly be at the cutting edge of know-how, market trends and technology.


- To combine local proximity with global presence by deploying our forces and partnerships on the international stage.


- To support our people by helping them to achieve progress in their work and passions.


- To ensure our future by developing profitability with respect for values of social responsibility.


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